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02 Jan

Dead Drift – Independent Science Fiction Comedy web-series

Posted in: Independent Film, Olympia Videography, Short Film, Video Production Olympia

Last January Matty came to me with this short little goofy script for a video about some guy in a space ship running low on cookies. The whole video would be a delivery system for one joke about a dead shipmate’s wife making the best cookies. The story evolved during the video production, which we shot in Olympia, and we added a second character, the shipmate, Morris. Then we killed him. The joke for which the whole piece was intended didn’t make the final cut.

I enjoyed the piece so much I decided to write a 14 issue web-series based on this one short film. This blog will follow behind the scenes and document construction of sets. One year later we’re in full pre-production building sets, constructing miniatures, treating scripts and casting additional actors. It’s looking like Olympia’s own video production of the sci-fi/comedy web series “Dead Drift” is shaping up to be a lot of fun!

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