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14 Apr

Runner – Cinemetropolis Short Film Contest

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A shot of Maddy in a screen grab from "Runner," video shot in Seattle, and our entry into the Blue Scholars' Cinemetropolis short film contest.

Maddy on the streets of Seattle in Runner

6 am?  I think that’s early.  Maybe you don’t, but for me, that’s the crack of “C’mon Mom, 5 more minutes, please?”  Most of the gigs don’t usually require getting up that early, but when they do they’re always worth it.  Always.  This day, and this shoot were no exception.  To a soundtrack comprised entirely of 3 stellar songs from the Blue Scholars, we crafted a story we call “Runner.”  I dare say it was well worth it, and judge “Runner” to be amongst my best work.  Take a look and judge for yourself -

Saturday May 31st Lyquoc and I headed to Seattle bright and early to shoot our Blue Scholars Cinemetropolis video contest entry.  We dragged a few people with us – Chris Balios, of Vanjob and Dammit This is Stupid notoriety. The famous Matty Softmitts, aka Captain Banks of the USSC J.F. Sebastian rode with us. We met up with our star Maddy Ford, who will be playing the “Runner” in her screen debut. We were also joined by Erik Cornelius of Vanjob and Senator Feelgood fame, Timdogg, who ran second camera on Pacifica: The Biggest Stick, and Mik, the man upstairs from A Bullet Riddled Atheist and the Man Upstairs. Quite the cast and crew. The shoot went well. After starting late and dealing with rain, the sky cleared and we got everything we needed. We wrapped about 8pm.

We put an additional 4 days into the post production, and I have to say it looks like my best work.  We’ll find out at the Blue Scholars show tonight in Olympia if we made it to the top three! If we did, then it’s on to race for the top spot May 1st!


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