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Renee and Susan’s Wedding

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This is a wedding video Highlight Reel from Olympia, shot back in September 2012. Well, technically this wedding video was shot in Tenino, which is very close to Olympia, about 15 miles to the South. Renee and Susan’s wedding was loads of fun, very musical. In my post production editing files I named it “Bluegrass Wedding” because of how very music oriented the wedding was. A guitarist played and sangg before the wedding ceremony, when everyone was setting up and guests were arriving. He also played as the couple walked down the aisle. After the ceremony Enrique and Jimmy started jamming, and it is to some of that jam that this wedding video is edited. Shortly after Jimmy and Enrique played Susan and Renee came out and played a bunch of songs on ukeleles while singing! A wedding guest named Chuck sang while others played guitar during the dancing at the wedding reception! Finally EVERYONE got out ukeleles, guitars, mandolins, and a myriad of other stringed instruments and they had a huge mega-jam-off-situation. It was pretty rad. There was a palpable positive vibe in the air throughout this wedding. It was pretty clear that Renee and Susan are believers in the power of music, and I was honored to be their wedding videographer in Olympia… er, Tenino that day!

Renee and Susan Highlight Reel from Ken Carlson on Vimeo.

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