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25 Mar

Wedding Video

A Screen Capture from Sarah and Clay's wedding video, shot by Kinetic Vision Media at Lake Quinault Washington.

Sarah and Clay's wedding at Lake Quinault.

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Wedding Video Packages and Pricing

Kinetic Vision Media has been creating video of beautiful weddings in Seattle and the Puget Sound area since 2006. Our wedding videos are creative and focus on unobtrusively capturing the events of the day. Video is everywhere now, there is no escaping it. It’s in our pockets, on our phones, ready to be shot and uploaded to a multitude of social networking platforms. Video is so prevalent in our culture that sometimes the hiring of a professional can be an afterthought.

Q: Why hire a professional videographer? Sure, we all have an uncle or a friend who took some video or photography classes in school. With a cellular phone or DSLR shooting HD video, a wedding guest can make a fairly decent video.

A: Kinetic Vision Media is dedicated to crafting a professional and memorable video. A friend or family member is there to enjoy the wedding, spend time with friends and family, eat some food, have some beverages, and celebrate your union. Kinetic Vision Media’s purpose is singular; we are there to create the best wedding video possible. You and your guests should be free to enjoy the day. We bring professional grade equipment, the knowledge to use it, and years of experience filming weddings.

Q: Can’t a consumer camera or DSLR get the job done just as well?

A: Although consumer camera technology has come very far in the last few years, there are still a number of things that give the edge to professional grade equipment used by Kinetic Vision Media. HD is a fantastic tool for the professional, capturing stunning images when operated skillfully. The ability to manually adjust a myriad of image control options on the fly is crucial for the wedding videographer.

Q: It’s sometimes difficult to hear the wedding vows. How do you deal with this?

A: We use professional grade audio recording equipment, in addition to professional cameras. Kinetic Vision Media uses a sophisticated wireless microphone setup during the ceremony. The vows will sound crystal clear, like the bride and groom were standing right next to the camera.

We live in an inspired age of multi-media accessability. You can have video documentation made by a professional using broadcast quality equipment.  Skillfully edited, calling on experience honed through time, your wedding can remain preserved as fresh as the day you took your vows.  Family, friends, children, and grandchildren for generations will be able to travel back in time to revisit those moments.

This is your special day. We are here to efficiently and affordably create a cinematic record for you to treasure forever.

Call 360-570-0512 or email ken@kineticvisionmedia.com if you have any questions, and we will send you a free sample wedding DVD.

View wedding videos here.

Wedding Video Packages and Pricing

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