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25 Mar

Biography Video

biography and memoir video services

Biography and Memoir videos are a fantastic way to help us pass the stories of our lives on down to subsequent generations. Biography videos are at the heart of Kinetic Vision Media’s purpose – telling your story.  Our treasured elders have witnessed and been tested by times that younger generations may have difficulty imagining.  So let’s get together and create a documentary style video, telling your story for your children, grandchildren, and so on down the line.

Biography Video Samples.

Each  biography video is entirely custom, as no 2 people’s story is exactly the same.  I’ll meet up with you and we can discuss the direction and scope of how best to tell your story. Biography videos range from 1 to 2 hours in length, depending greatly on the content provided by the subject.  We’ll sit down together and shoot the interview.

• BASIC – $1450

Up to two hour interview with subject. The subject can touch on as much
family and personal history as they like in that time, from early years to present day.

Footage is lightly edited, incorporating up to 20 photographs provided by subject/family.
DVD menu design and title/transition cards are included.

The video memoir of the subject’s life story and family history will be delivered on 4 DVD’s
in standard cases with labels.

Extra Delivery Options

Additional DVD’s – $15 each
Blu Ray disks – $20 each
SD card – $25 each
Flash Drive – $25 each

• SOCIAL – $1650

Includes everything from the Basic package. We upload your biography to our youtube
channel, and show you how to share your video with friends and family via social
networking platforms, such as facebook and email. This makes it a snap for you to
instantly share your video with loved ones anywhere in the world.

• PREMIUM – $3500

Everything in the Basic and Social packages, plus up to 4 interviews with family members.
These interviews can be conducted right before your interview, or directly following. If
these interviews require additional shoot dates or locations, additional fees will be incurred
at our half day rate for shoots under 4 hours or full day rate for shoots over 4 hours.

• Digital Photo Discount – $50
If you can provide your photos to us in a digital format, it saves us the task of digitizing them, and we’ll discount $50 from the price of your video.

• Referral Discount – $100
Refer a potential biography video client to us. If we create a video biography for them, we’ll discount $100 from the cost of your video. This discount stacks, so if we create 10 videos for clients you refer – we’ll give you $1000. If we end up creating more than 10 videos for clients referred by you, we’ll probably want to offer you a position with our sales team!

• Meals on Wheels Donation – $50
Nutrition is important. When you purchase a biography video from us, we will donate $50 to the South Sound Senior Center’s Meals on Wheels program, ensuring that seniors in our community continue to receive freshly prepared meals via the South Sound Senior Center’s Meals on Wheel program.


I look forward to hearing from you. Let’s tell your story.




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