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Renee and Susan's wedding video in Olympia, WA
23 Jan 0

Renee and Susan’s Wedding

This is a wedding video Highlight Reel from Olympia, shot back in September 2012. Well, technically this wedding video was shot in Tenino, which is very close to Olympia, about 15 miles to the South. Renee and Susan’s wedding was loads of fun, very musical. In my post production editing files I named it “Bluegrass Wedding” because of how very music oriented the wedding was. A guitarist played and sangg before the wedding ceremony, when everyone was setting up and guests were arriving. He also played as the couple walked down the aisle. After the ceremony Enrique and Jimmy started jamming, and it is to some of that jam that this wedding video is edited. Shortly after Jimmy and Enrique played Susan and Renee came out and played a bunch of songs on ukeleles while singing! A wedding guest named Chuck sang while others played guitar during the dancing at the wedding reception! Finally EVERYONE got out ukeleles, guitars, mandolins, and a myriad of other stringed instruments and they had a huge mega-jam-off-situation. It was pretty rad. There was a palpable positive vibe in the air throughout this wedding. It was pretty clear that Renee and Susan are believers in the power of music, and I was honored to be their wedding videographer in Olympia… er, Tenino that day!

Renee and Susan Highlight Reel from Ken Carlson on Vimeo.

2013 redesign of Kinetic Vision Media website.
09 Jan 0

Website Redesign

2013, here we go. It's a new year and some down time over the break got me looking at my website.  Looking through the blogs and other posts, I realized I hadn't made a single post/entry/change/addition since May of 2012.  Right before I got busy, and wow, was I busy.  It was great.  Over the past few years, I would usually do 3 or 4 webinars per year for WSECU.  From September to December of 2012 we did 5. In combination with a few other projects I was working on (Dead Drift) I didn't have a lot of time for doing the essential website management things a small business owner should be doing. I wasn't blogging! I wasn't updating projects in my portfolio! I wasn't doing any kind of marketing to prepare for the time after the WSECU videos were finished! Not only had I not added anything new to my site since May of '12, I hadn't even finished the build since the 2012 redesign. So here it is, in it's resplendent newness, I like it - I hope you do too. It's a design called Roya, found on Themeforest.net Check it out if you get the chance. It's got a couple of bugs, but overall I'm quite happy with the functionality and visually it's quite appealing. I still need to finish cleaning up the site and adding content, and this time I'm not going to wait until January of 2014. There are a lot of cool upcoming video production gigs in Olympia this year. New experiences await for a videographer in Olympia! I'm sure I'll end up doing some videography in Seattle this year, and I'm pleased to continue offering video services in Olympia, Tacoma, Seattle, and the rest of Washington! This year I'll be working on commercial videos, business videos, wedding videos, videography, independent film, and more! Oh yeah, my favorite thing I'm most excited about doing this year is the sci-fi comedy web-series Dead Drift! Until next time. Take care.
Dead Drift
02 Jan 0

Dead Drift – Independent Science Fiction Comedy web-series

http://youtu.be/kSCwLnA0Wk8 Last January Matty came to me with this short little goofy script for a video about some guy in a space ship running low on cookies. The whole video would be a delivery system for one joke about a dead shipmate’s wife making the best cookies. The story evolved during the video production, which we shot in Olympia, and we added a second character, the shipmate, Morris. Then we killed him. The joke for which the whole piece was intended didn’t make the final cut. I enjoyed the piece so much I decided to write a 14 issue web-series based on this one short film. This blog will follow behind the scenes and document construction of sets. One year later we're in full pre-production building sets, constructing miniatures, treating scripts and casting additional actors. It's looking like Olympia's own video production of the sci-fi/comedy web series "Dead Drift" is shaping up to be a lot of fun!
A shot of Maddy in a screen grab from "Runner," video shot in Seattle, and our entry into the Blue Scholars' Cinemetropolis short film contest.
14 Apr 1

Runner – Cinemetropolis Short Film Contest

6 am?  I think that's early.  Maybe you don't, but for me, that's the crack of "C'mon Mom, 5 more minutes, please?"  Most of the gigs don't usually require getting up that early, but when they do they're always worth it.  Always.  This day, and this shoot were no exception.  To a soundtrack comprised entirely of 3 stellar songs from the Blue Scholars, we crafted a story we call "Runner."  I dare say it was well worth it, and judge "Runner" to be amongst my best work.  Take a look and judge for yourself - http://youtu.be/oxJRfa0OXzc Saturday May 31st Lyquoc and I headed to Seattle bright and early to shoot our Blue Scholars Cinemetropolis video contest entry.  We dragged a few people with us - Chris Balios, of Vanjob and Dammit This is Stupid notoriety. The famous Matty Softmitts, aka Captain Banks of the USSC J.F. Sebastian rode with us. We met up with our star Maddy Ford, who will be playing the "Runner" in her screen debut. We were also joined by Erik Cornelius of Vanjob and Senator Feelgood fame, Timdogg, who ran second camera on Pacifica: The Biggest Stick, and Mik, the man upstairs from A Bullet Riddled Atheist and the Man Upstairs. Quite the cast and crew. The shoot went well. After starting late and dealing with rain, the sky cleared and we got everything we needed. We wrapped about 8pm. We put an additional 4 days into the post production, and I have to say it looks like my best work.  We'll find out at the Blue Scholars show tonight in Olympia if we made it to the top three! If we did, then it's on to race for the top spot May 1st!